Bar Carts: Stocking and Styling

Bar Carts: Stocking and Styling

Functional and fabulous, a beautifully styled bar cart is the perfect home accessory for the avid entertainer. Piled high with the best bar tools and drink options, each cart can be customized to fit with any design taste and add a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to any room. Here are some tips on how to choose, craft and stock a gorgeous, practical bar cart. Let the good times roll!

Choosing the Right Bar Cart

Start by thinking about your entertaining habits, like how often you host and the types of gatherings you have, to determine the size and amount of storage space you’ll need. Shop around to find a bar cart that complements your home’s décor, as it could serve other purposes when not being used, like as an end table or a charming rack for pots and pans.

Creating a Stylish Bar Cart

Get Organized – Use trays to divide the cart into sections for a crisp, clean aesthetic. This will help keep your cart clutter-free, so it is easy to use while still making a stunning statement.

Show Off – A bar cart is a great place to put your best china and favorite glassware on full display. Look for pretty packaging on bottles or glassware for an extra pop of pizazz.

Pick a Theme – Try sticking with a color palette or design style to create a cohesive, elegant feel. Antique bar carts look great with traditional, vintage glassware and tools.

Add Dainty Details – Fresh flowers, cocktail recipe books, colorful coasters and other quirky accessories can help to infuse your personality and flair into your cart.
Decorations with gold and brass finishes look especially chic and refined.

Stock Up – What you choose to fill up your cart with is entirely up to what you like to drink and serve. Some common bar essentials are:

Tools - ice bucket, jigger, shaker, wine and beer openers
Glassware - wine glasses, champagne flutes, highball and old-fashioned glasses
Beverages - wine, champagne, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, vermouth
Extras - colorful stirrers, garnishes, club soda, cocktail mixes


Bar Carts

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