5 Pantry Organization Ideas

5 Pantry Organization Ideas

Every good home-cooked meal starts in the pantry – whether you’re serving up a steaming hot bowl of slow-cooker soup, a rack of barbeque ribs or a hearty helping of spaghetti and meatballs. However, we all also know that keeping your stash of spices, everyday staples and cooking accessories organized can be difficult for even a master chef. Before you craft your next culinary masterpiece, try one of these stylish ideas for curbing the clutter in your pantry.

Rolling Shelves

Don’t you hate it when you can’t reach an ingredient or spice that’s been pushed all the way to the back of your pantry? Roll-out shelves allow easier access to all of the items you need to bake the perfect cookie or make a delicious dinner.

Clear Containers

Store ingredients like flour and sugar in clearly marked containers, and you won’t have to waste time searching for what you need or worry about items going stale too quickly. Get creative with the font and color of your labels to add fun flair to your pantry.

Use Dividers

Divide and conquer! Inexpensive dividers can be used to keep baking sheets and pans organized as well as giving a specified home to cooking essentials. (Tip: Tension curtain rods can be used to easily make slots for your baking sheets!)

Pocket Organizers

Hang one of these handy organizers on the door of your pantry for easy access to grab-and-go snacks for your kids or extra cleaning supplies. Don’t like the look of these pocket organizers? If you have enough space, try hanging tin bins or small baskets to your door for the same tidy effect.

Lazy Susan

Have dead space in the corner of your walk-in pantry? Install a Lazy Susan (click here for DIY instructions) to transform every inch of your pantry into usable space for storing cans, ingredients and snacks.

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