Cool Cacti

We asked local landscapers to share their favorite cacti.

By Melissa Mauzy


In the colder, winter months indoor cacti bring a fresh breath of air to your home. The spiny plants require little care making them ideal for a sunny window space. We asked local landscapers to share their favorite cacti.

Easter Lily Cactus

“For months of colorful blossoms try the Easter Lily cactus. Large pink flowers burst out from the white spine-jeweled ribs of this cylinder-shaped cactus. It brings year-round beauty for containers indoors and out.” Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.

Opuntia Cactus

“The Opuntia cactus grows inside as well as outside and will surprise you with flowers once per year!  Some varieties, like prickly pear, are edible.”  David Sherwood, Sherwood’s Forest.

“I think the best way to feature cacti in the home is to display a couple different varieties together in individual containers. Most cacti have very static forms and playing with different shapes can create the illusion of movement within the arrangement. The use of separate containers (like an old coffee mug) provides another opportunity to add a dynamic colors and/or forms to complement the cacti.” Katy Molaskey, Green Guys.

Christmas Cactus

"The Christmas cactus is a beautiful succulent with green foliage and rosy red blooms. Known to live up to 100 years, the Christmas cactus is a great holiday gift that can be passed down from generation to generation. Plus, it is low maintenance and can double as holiday decor."  Jim Oldani, SummerWinds Nursery.