Outdoor Decor Connoisseur

Jim Heeter, owner of The Gifted Gardener, knows how to transform a back yard landscape into a stylish setting.

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton


Take one step inside the Gifted Gardener and you will be surrounded by inspiration for both your home and your garden. Jim Heeter, owner, will help you fall in love with your garden all over again with products and accessories to create a well-done space. From fountains and pots to garden adornments, the Gifted Gardener has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

SLHL: What is the trend in outdoor accessories for the summer of 2015?
Raw Nature is a dominant trend right now. The usage of reclaimed wood, stone finishes and natural accessories are arriving in everything from planters to lanterns.

SLHL: I have my table and chairs, but where do I go from there to make my outdoor space more inviting?
Bring the feel of an indoor living room outdoors by adding perimeter seating areas and cross-functional furniture like an inviting garden bench or a storage ottoman incorporating cushions in any of the amazing new outdoor fabrics.

SLHL: Is there a way to use garden ornaments without going overboard?
So much about decorating with ornaments is about creating the unexpected, a surprise around every corner, a temptation to draw you into the gardener's vision. I wouldn’t be a good retailer if I cautioned about going overboard

SLHL: How does interior decorating spill into the garden?
Just like interior design, form follows function outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a summer cocktail party, grilling for two or planting a seasonal vegetable garden, decide how you want to enjoy your outdoor space and plan accordingly

SLHL: I love lanterns. Where do they go and what do I do with them?
When the sun goes down get your glow on! Lanterns and string lights are an inexpensive way to set a party atmosphere and extend a summer night on your deck or patio. With the advent of realistic battery candles with timers, I include lanterns in almost every room inside and out! I especially like to group a mix of lanterns down the center of a farm table for a casual dinner, or line your front porch or deck stairs with a progression of cascading lanterns to welcome guests in or out of your home.

SLHL: What statuary do you utilize in your landscape?
I have a weakness for rabbits, from statuesque, to whimsical. They now outnumber my guests at summer soires. In my garden, there’s never a hare out of place!

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