Classic or Craze: Lucite

Is it a classic or is it a craze?

Photography by Anne Matheis


For our March modern issue, we asked local design professionals if Lucite furnishings and accessories are a classic or a craze. Here’s what the professionals had to say.

“Lucite furnishings have been around for quite some time now. I believe they have become a design classic and will continue to be used in the future. Whether in a contemporary setting or a traditional one, a Lucite piece can always be appropriate.” Tom Manche, Tom Manche Interiors.

“Classic. Lucite has been around for years and always gives an updated look.” Susan Block, The Designing Block.

“Lucite has certainly seen a resurgence in the last few years, but it has never been ‘out.’ Lucite is classic and has staying power because it is so versatile. Its translucent quality helps achieve fluidity and efficient function without consuming visual space. Lucite is good for every room, but especially tight spaces. We think of it most often in furnishings, like the classic ghost chair, but don’t forget you can use it in accessories like lamps and trays. A little Lucite in a space can infuse a great deal of sophistication. Don’t dismiss it as a craze, embrace it and pass it on to the next generation. It is a ‘clear’ winner!” Dana King, Next Project Studio.

“Lucite furnishings and accessories are definitely a classic element. Utterly timeless in nature with the ability to endure the rooms of many styles, its lack of color and texture make it a beautiful layer to any room. The material is flexible, durable and chic with stunning, immortal interpretations like the 2002 Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair. I think Lucite furnishings and accessories are here to stay. We are just lucky enough to observe the evolution from the beginning.” Chelsea Smith, BaumHouse design.

“I believe Lucite furniture is classic. Lucite furniture, with its glamorous ‘Hollywood’ feel, can actually be used in interiors of various styles. It is a very flexible and chic look and used in moderation can be a unique accent or conversation piece. The ghost chair is probably the most iconic Lucite piece that immediately comes to my mind. These chairs are often used as dining chairs, vanity chairs or accent chairs.  Lucite is a classic that I do not see ever going out of style.” Denise Fogarty, Denise Fogarty Interiors.

“Classic! Lucite has been around forever. I remember growing up with a side table that my mum called a cigarette table. It was round and about 18 inches in diameter. I thought it was the most striking beauty I had ever laid eyes on! Lucite is ‘classic’ modern, which may sound like an oxymoron to some!” Joni Spear, Joni Spear Interior Design.

“Lucite furniture and accessories have been around since the early 20th century, and I think we will be seeing them for quite a bit longer. In today’s eclectic design trends, we can create a very unique look by pairing acrylic chairs or accessories with wood and metal. Also, as an eco-friendly perspective, Lucite requires no cutting down of trees or toxic glues, and it can be recycled.” Laureen Wilder, Laureen Wilder Designs.

“I think Lucite furnishings and accessories are a craze. Having said that, I’m all for adding some Lucite accessories or an accent piece of furniture to your décor! To me, accessories are the perfect way to update your look and keep your home current. Just like your wardrobe, you don’t throw everything out and start over every year—you add a new purse, fun jewelry or a scarf to reflect what’s ‘in’ this season!" Gail Doveikis, G. M. Doveikis and Associates, Inc.