Tranquil Retreat

A primary bathroom goes from dated to a dazzling, spa-like retreat. 

By Melissa Mauzy

Interior Designer Ellie Redders Interiors

Photography by Alise O’Brien Photography.


Requesting their primary bathroom be beautifully updated into a functional space with lots of natural light, these homeowners turned to interior designer Ellie Redders to make their dream a reality. “We were aiming to achieve a feeling of peacefulness with a clean, airy backdrop to allow the elements in the space to become the focal point,” Redders explains.

Redders created a design that centered around a luxurious, freestanding heated bubble-massage tub. The tub is flanked by mullion-accented mirrored custom cabinetry in a rich wood tone. “By adding the mirrors to the linen towers, it created the feeling of a larger space,” she says. Another design element that accentuated the height of the bath is the tear-dropped, seeded glass chandelier that reflects a textured wallcovering on the ceiling.

The homeowners gained storage space in the light gray vanity cabinetry. To give the clients both ample mirror viewing and natural light in the vanity area, Redders had to work with the existing window, which she says was the most challenging part of the bathroom design. With the placement of the existing window and sinks, the space was limited to an individual mirror over each sink. To maximize vanity viewing, Redders designed a custom-framed mirror that spans from the countertop to the bottom of the arched window with inset wall sconces within the mirror on each side of the vanity.

Other thoughtful design elements include the chevron tile flooring chosen for its fun texture, durability and stain resistance. The curbless shower is entered through a frameless door and includes a mix of coordinating tiles in various shapes and sizes. Large porcelain wall tiles created the look of marble while allowing for an easy-to-clean solid surface. “The curbless shower is a feature I can’t wait to incorporate into more designs in the future,” Redders says. “Not only is it visually pleasing, but it is also extremely functional and easy to clean.”

Luxe gold fixtures accent the soothing color palette of the bath. By incorporating materials that are durable and beautiful this bathroom oasis will be a restful retreat for the homeowners for years to come. “I love how we took this dated design that was filled with Roman columns, faux wall paintings and odd angles into the present with clean lines and functional storage. It’s a neutral design that will stand the test of time,” Redders says.