Strong Roots

Andria Graeler gives us a behind-the-scenes look into Chesterfield Valley Nursery’s unique design process and their latest updates.

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Portrait photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

Landscape photography courtesy of Chesterfield Valley Nursery


Green Thumb

Chesterfield Valley Nursery offers almost everything to make your landscaping amazing! Our landscape design and installation services help customers make their outdoor living dreams come true with plantings, hardscaping and outdoor living spaces. Our maintenance department keeps landscapes looking beautiful year-round with seasonal services. Our Garden Center is here to inspire with some of the most unique plant offerings around, complete with your favorite seasonal flowers!

Hand-picked Planting

My favorite part of the job is definitely the plants. I am blessed to be one of our buyers, so I get to go to the Pacific Northwest two to four times a year to help pick out the plants that we bring in and learn about new and exciting varieties. We have one of the largest and most diverse offerings of plants, many of which are hand-chosen by myself and our owner, Jim. We try to create an immersive experience for our customers when they visit us by laying out some of our plants in a garden-type display so they can see what the plants look like together!

Standout Stems

I am a big fan of ornamental plants, particularly unique evergreens and Japanese maples. The sheer number of these types of plants and how many colors and shapes they come in is amazing. I love being able to have a plant that is not really known to the general public. Ornamental evergreens and Japanese maples usually have a different shape/form than other plants, making it a standout feature in any landscape.

Functional Flora

With any project, blank slate or working the existing landscaping, we really like to get a sense of each customer’s design style and goals for the space. A lot really depends on the size of the space and what the sun exposure is like to be able to chose plants that will thrive. We also take into account the architecture of the home and any other structures in the space. We always want the plant sizes, shapes, color and textures to complement the home and co-exist together for a long-lasting design.

Distinctive Design

Unique plants are a big part of our designs. However, a larger proponent is that our designers see the project through, start to finish, from the initial consultation, to the design drawing and even the project management. They are with our customers every step of the way. We also manage almost every aspect of the project, including any subcontracting that is needed, such as working with a pool company or another specialty service.

Landscapes That Excite

I see people light up at certain plants almost every day, and it’s different for every person. If someone is having a hard time deciding what to choose, I always recommend the one they seem most excited about. If you’re excited about something, you’re more than likely going to enjoy it!

Growing Knowledge

This year, our garden center has stepped up its game on our class offering! Classes are offered March through December with topics such as succulents, houseplants, annual planters and winter greens. Private classes are available as well for every topic during the month of each class.