Building Light

Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting works with Imanoglou Jewelry in Athens, Greece, to create a lighted shopping experience like no other.

By Moe Godat 

Photography by Fotis Serfas, courtesy of Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting


Imanoglou Jewelry Store

Athens, Greece 

Architecture/Lighting by Nikos Adrianopoulos 

Architecture & Lighting

Nikos Adrianopoulos Architecture & Lighting in Athens, Greece, is anything but a boring architectural practice; their identity is defined by light integration in all its forms throughout any architectural design process to create memorable spaces with an overall “essential luxury” user experience. Their motivation is evident in every project, but perhaps nowhere more so than in the new Imanoglou Jewelry Store in Athens. 

Imanoglou is a high-end jewelry company focused on adding drama and elegance to their customers’ lives, a fact that the architects took seriously when designing the overall feel of the space. 

“We wanted to create a luxurious and elegant yet simple and modernized jewelry boutique,” says the firm. To start with the luxury, a golden stitch runs up the curved walls and ceiling to create two linked-together halves. This detail sets the tone for the space, promoting a peaceful aura with clean lines that gives the space the illusion of perfect symmetry. 

They went dramatic and luxurious with the color scheme as well, using a deep emerald green and charred wood to complement each other and produce a gradient of light and color to add dimension. The space’s contrast comes with the clean-lined wooden jewelry counter with geometric elements against the unique hardwood mosaic floor. 

The floating checkout counter is “edgy,” the firm says, and “adds to the gradual illusory contour of the space.” To add a more minimalist accent, they carefully selected amber colored chairs to blend with the jewelry displays. 

The expert lighting enhances all this space’s unique features, creating a cohesive yet surprising final product that perfectly highlights the Imanoglou sells. “We wanted the lighting design to further refine the space, creating a successful balance while enhancing the beautiful and also functional end result,” they say. “The overall design exudes luxury with touches of linearity.”