The Great Gatsby

The Gatsby Penthouse in Midtown, St. Louis, boasts rich history, stunning design and a consistently rated five-star experience.

By Moe Godat

Photography by Suzy Gorman, courtesy of Gould Holdings.


St. Louis has no shortage of historic architecture and design dating well into the Art Deco era. Noted for high-glam finishes and show-stopping drama, Art Deco interiors originated in the 1920s and developed into a major style in the United States during the 1930s.

This sense of grandeur can be experienced throughout the St. Louis area still today, but perhaps nowhere more than The Gatsby Penthouse, a short-term luxury rental in Midtown offered by Gould Holdings. “We wanted to elevate the Art Deco style already present in the building to accommodate modern customers,” says Joshua Gould, owner of Gould Holdings and resident of The Gatsby Penthouse when it’s not being rented.

Consider the design elevated! An exquisite art collection featuring Ming Dynasty vases, private rooftop terraces and an original terrazzo staircase are just some of the features harkening back to the Roaring Twenties. At just over 4,000 square feet and situated at the tallest residential point in the city, the penthouse has hosted some of St. Louis’s most famous figures since the 1930s.

Its location in the Midtown area is part of the draw for visitors. Located between Downtown and historic Central West End and next-door neighbor to attractions such as the Fox Theater, Powell Symphony Hall and The Angad Arts Hotel, the penthouse offers many of the city’s best attractions within walking distance. Visitors also have easy access to an abundance of St. Louis’s best restaurants.

“We’re very proud of our attention to detail,” says Gould. “This isn’t your typical short-term stay, and we fill it with every luxury you can imagine. A lot of these updates happened because I have such a passion for breathing life into historic properties. It lets our guests focus on the past and keep it relevant today.”

The Gatsby Penthouse isn’t just for city visitors; it also hosts a plethora of events and special occasions including photo shoots and wedding day accommodations. In fact, The Gatsby Penthouse was recently named as one of St. Louis Bridal’s top bridal suites because of its beautiful view and luxurious amenities. More than just a short-term rental, The Gatsby Penthouse consistently earns the highest ratings in the area by guests. To book your bridal suite or set up a photo shoot, find availability at