Finished to Perfection

A kitchen remodel adds storage and style.

By Karen Cernich Dickhut

Photography by That One Summer

Interior Designer/Contractor Nettie White Interiors


Claustrophobic is the word Nettie White of Nettie White Interiors used to describe Jeff and Natalie Ostermann’s kitchen when she first saw it. Builder-grade and choppy is how the homeowners felt about it. Now, after a five-month remodel that included installing new hardwood floors, two islands, granite countertops and cabinets with custom finishes, convenient, timeless and gorgeous are the words that spring to mind.

“It’s clean and minimal,” Nettie says. “It’s all about function and beauty. And timelessness. That’s probably one of the most modern kitchens we’ve done, but there’s still a refinement to it.”

The Ostermanns agree. Flow is the biggest improvement, they say. “Before we had an island that stuck out from the wall and another big island, so it was a circle of lower cabinetry and countertops,” Jeff says, noting they also had a breakfast table, which wasn’t functional. Now, the two-island design has streamlined all of that.  “And the way she finished them, the colors are just gorgeous,” Natalie remarks. “The design, layout, color, everything about it is just awesome!”

When Nettie first met with the Ostermanns, they asked for a white and navy kitchen, but Nettie doesn’t do white—or any basic color. “We gave them our white,” Nettie says. “It’s more timeless, not cold. Everything has glaze on it. He wanted a white kitchen with a navy island, and this is our version of that.”

Custom paint color and glazes are what Nettie is known for, and she doesn’t just paint the cabinets. She paints details on the hardware and light fixtures too. “We remodel kitchens, but the artistic finishing is the focal point,” Nettie says. “The countertop sets the tone. All of my colors are based on the countertop. Everything is custom.” And she never buys stock cabinets. They are either custom built or, whenever possible, she uses a client’s existing cabinets and paints them to look totally different.

With this remodel, adding storage was a top priority for Natalie Ostermann. “I wanted enough cabinetry so that everything had a place. I don’t like things on my countertop and, before, we had junk drawers and my desk was one big paper mess,” she says. Not anymore. The two islands provide an abundance of storage, and Nettie also added a pair of cabinets on either side of the commercial grade, 54-inch-wide refrigerator to provide more. There also are cubbies where each family member has their own space. Upon the remodel’s completion, Nettie and her team from The Porch in Wildwood came in to accessorize.

But the versatility of the new kitchen is what makes it so comfortable and enjoyable for the family every day of the year. Whether they are celebrating a birthday party for 20-plus guests, entertaining friends, baking holiday cookies or serving as home base for their kids’ school projects (the islands feature USB ports), it is an ideal setup for every occasion. “Now, we absolutely love our kitchen,” Natalie says.   



Builder/Designer: Nettie White Interiors 

Cabientry: Weiskopf Cabinetry 

Furniture/Accessories: The Porch in Wildwood 

Tile: Suburban Tile