Bouquet Boutiques

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By Moe Godat


Absolute Flower Shop, Shanghai, China, Architecture: More Design Office: Located on the ground floor of a house, Absolute Flower Shop uses a series of cellular spaces that open up to a large garden. The architects at More Design Office wanted the space to appear as a linear journey with a final reveal; each space allows for unique engagement between flower arrangements and the viewer. To help the space stand out while engaging with local history, stainless steel frames contrast with the rough texture of the surrounding walls of Shanghai. A small shop window displaying a street gallery invites customers in, connecting the community with the interior. This section presents an evolving series of installations made only of seasonal flowers. The gallery also contains a screen that shows previous floral arrangements digitally, which acknowledges how we consume design today and acts as a “palette cleanser” for the artificial landscape beyond. The artificial landscape is largely neutral to make the installations pop against bush-hammered stone and brushed stainless steel. The outdoor garden embodies beauty and relaxation, creating a peaceful escape for the owner and guests.

Mon Parnasse Flower Shop, Madrid, Spain, Design/Architecture: Canobardin: For Mon Paranasse, conveying an air of Parisian flower markets was just as important as accessibility to all. They consider themselves a new concept of florists that make arrangements available to all people and eliminate all excuses not to buy them! This eye-catching and interesting layout makes for an unforgettable floral experience. Designed by Canobardin, the displays are movable. The idea behind versatile, moving displays was to mimic the constant change and evolution of a garden through each season. A vertical flower garden allows customers to pass by and easily choose flowers. Hedges, plywood frames and awnings nod to the store’s Parisian influences. Designers paid special attention to lighting the space, utilizing warm LED gutters and backlit furniture to mimic the ambient light of the outdoors throughout the day. A large floor-to-ceiling mirror in the back of the shop visually doubles the space; this creates an optical illusion that the designers hope makes customers stop and pay attention to their surroundings. Mon Parnasse creates a secret garden in the heart of Madrid.