Lighting Experiences

Mike Craft of Metro Lighting shares his 34 years of lighting expertise to help you highlight every unique experience within your home.

Edited by Moe Godat

Photography by Alise O'Brien


From Space to Space Each space has different lighting needs depending on what tasks are completed there and the time of day. Some spaces require more opportunities for mood lighting while others need proper illumination for small tasks. Each space is individual but collective; each area needs to be treated individually, but the home’s lighting design should flow together.

Setting the Mood Mood lighting is an effect that includes such subjects as indirect lighting, wall grazing, art lighting, background lighting, in cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting and other lighting techniques to enhance a space. When choosing mood lighting for a space, seeking the help of a professional lighting designer is important; they can help you choose the correct lighting to create the correct atmosphere for you.

Everyday Application Choosing lighting for your bathroom requires some thought. Our team will sit down with a client to learn their exact needs for each space. For example, if someone is looking for good lighting for makeup application, we suggest lighting that best enhances the person; this includes recessed lighting above as well as a lighted mirror.

Illuminating Intricacies Some homeowners require lighting for completing delicate tasks, which can require them to focus on a small area for an extended period of time. Proper lighting in these spaces can make completing tasks simpler and faster. LED lighting can often achieve this through proper coloring and desired lumen delivery.

In the Kitchen For avid at-home chefs, lighting can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Proper lighting can make every available work space more practical for whoever is cooking. Correctly positioned recessed downlighting is most important when illuminating your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting will help maximize all available surfaces.

Keeping Up With Trends There are so many new, remarkable product selections that have come out within the last three years that are both intuitive and beautiful. These new products continue to transition and improve the way we approach lighting design. Lately, we’ve seen smaller openings for recessed lighting that makes it less noticeable but doesn’t impede its functionality. If you’re looking for something more eye-catching, there are always new, decorative lighting selections to explore.

Seek the Proper Pros Lighting homes properly is a process. When deciding how to light your home for your needs, it’s important to seek a qualified professional. They’ll not only help you navigate any new additions to lighting design, but can also aid you in mood lighting, task lighting and other selections. It doesn’t cost anything to ask!