History in the Making

Rebekah Murphy, co-founder and lead designer of Stone Hall Cabinetry, shares her expertise in creating the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your lifestyle.

Edited by Moe Godat

Photography by Alise O'Brien


Creative Beginnings: I grew up surrounded by blueprints and architectural plans. My parents loved building homes and pouring over the details. There were always wallpaper samples, textiles and blueprints laying on the dining room table. Thus the language of architecture and the problems and solutions that surround the industry became natural to my thought process. I’ve enjoyed specializing in cabinetry design over the last decade of my career. Design is my second career, as I went back to school in my late twenties to study the design process and architectural drawing, also completing an apprenticeship in cabinetry design. I quickly earned “senior designer” status in the industry, winning many awards and being featured in multiple lifestyle publications.

Stone Hall Inspiration: We founded Stone Hall Cabinetry because we are passionate about refined design and premium quality. It is our philosophy that design, craft and unparalleled service are the elements that set a cabinetry company apart. Our purpose is to provide our clients with cabinetry built of the finest materials with exacting skill and care. It is our privilege to share our passion and expertise with the community.

Limitless Design: Most cabinetry companies have limits. We do not. We are fully custom, with made-to-order, full service, artisan craftsman cabinetry. We have the capability to execute any and all custom specifications, to achieve a fit and finish that truly sets cabinets apart. Hand-built and hand-finished by craftsmen working at the highest level, each custom cabinet receives the same close attention to design, construction, and detailing. Stone Hall cabinets feature 5/8” solid all-plywood box construction with fully finished stained or painted interiors and doors and drawers that fit perfectly flush inside the face frame, offering the same seamless look as custom inset furniture.

Historic Setting: Ladue Market is the perfect building and landmark to house our company. It fits our brand of making something old with a rich history new again and restoring it to its original glory. The community knows and cares a lot about the building. Everyone seems to have a family memory of the location. We are proud of this and love hearing these stories. It puts purpose into our hard work of designing and constructing the building the way it should be.

Pride in the Process: Every project is special. We work hard to research the history of our client’s homes and create spaces that pay homage to the home’s architecture and marry it in a way that is functional and improves the lifestyle of our client’s day to day lives. To accomplish this we work hard on our client relationships. Getting to know a family and the way they live, their wants, wishes and all their desires. This is important to mix in with our design expertise so that our process can be a team approach for the best execution.

Expert Advice: Make sure to hire a cabinetry designer skilled in the industry if you’re overwhelmed by decisions. There is a difference between a designer that knows how to design expertly with cabinetry. It pays for itself to ensure you are thinking through form, function and aesthetic from the earliest stages in design, remodeling and building.