Not a Bench Warmer

Dining benches appear in homes of every interior design style and family size. Will their popularity continue through this holiday season and beyond? 

Edited by Moe Godat 

Photography courtesy of Anthropologie 



I believe dining benches are a classic and do not see them going anywhere anytime soon. Adding a bench is an effortless way to give your space a contemporary flair while providing additional storage and seating that is needed during the holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Depending on the type of bench, it can help anchor a heavy table and allow your eye to move throughout the room. Dining benches are practical and functional for a lot of families and there are a multitude of styles that can work for any design. Savannah Sells, Youtopia Designs.

Dining benches are not just for parks and picnic tables anymore. Dining benches are gaining popularity among dining rooms and commercial spaces. There are a wide variety of dining benches such as wood or metal benches, church pews or upholstered pieces. Benches are a great option for children or adults to have a relaxed or an intimate dining experience. Dining benches are a great option and are here to stay. Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design

Gathering around a table is always something of a commonality for families in our country. For me growing up with a large family, we always had a bench seat on one side of the table and chairs on the other, and we all wanted to sit on the bench seat. Where I come from, a small town with farmhouses galore, large families were the norm. Bench seats were a staple in all of those homes. Therefore, this is classic for me. I can adapt a bench seat for almost any style of a home. Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio.

I think that dining benches are a fun alternative to your standard dining chair. They are great for kids and especially for "squeezing-in" an extra friend or two! I definitely think this is a classic that has fallen into trend recently. I don't see it going anywhere! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up.


Dining benches’ popularity seems to wane for a decade or two then surfaces again. Personally I think this trend of on again/off again will continue, but I also see its popularity fading for 2022. My belief is there are better options for dining seating due to the awkwardness of this style of seating. In my opinion, the form does not live up to the required function. Robert Idol, Idol Design.


In my opinion, benches are on trend currently because they pair well with the farmhouse/rustic look trending right now. They are also great space savers and can be less expensive than two or three dining chairs. But I don't think they are good for personal space or comfort (no back support on some), and they also can be hard to get out of if you are sitting in the middle. Shannon Urnes, Forshaw of St. Louis.