Design in Bloom

Justin Verbryck

Frisella Nursery

Sr. Landscape Designer

Years in Industry: 6 years

Portrait Photography: Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton 

Project Photography: Jason Donato 


Pro Insight: The shape of a bed not only helps guide your eye through the landscape, but more importantly across the home.

Budding Career: I grew up mowing grass in our neighborhood to help pay for travel hockey. From the time I was 12 until I went away to school, lawn care and landscaping was the only job I had. I've also enjoyed being outside and working in high-end neighborhoods growing up, and seeing the outdoor living spaces and extensive landscaping around their properties inspired me.

Passion for Planting: Plants were one of the immediate attractions of working at Frisella Nursery. My background is in horticulture, and I have always had a passion and interest for plants. For me, plantings are what can completely transform an outdoor space or home and make it truly unique.

Landscape Relief: A properly designed landscape or outdoor living can create a sense of calm or inspire a feeling when you pull into your property or step into your backyard. I know many of my clients feel a sense of relief when they pull in their driveway or walk into their backyard from what we have been able to create.

Designer’s Choice: I really love conifers. I had the opportunity to go up to Oregon last summer for our yearly purchasing/tagging trip. This was an incredible experience getting to see the Pacific Northwest and tour many growers and nurseries. One of my favorite specimen plants is a “Hostmann” Atlas cedar. In general, I enjoy designing with a variety of different conifers/evergreens.