Patterns, Prints and Personality

Maggie Jewell

MKS Designs

Interior Designer

Years in Industry: 10

Portrait Photography: Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton 

Project Photography: Megan Lorenz


Pro Insight: Try something new! Sometimes recreating a space helps homes to feel “finished” and more comforting for that person or family. Starting off by reupholstering an older piece may make all the difference in the world.

Thinking Uniquely: I like to help clients and myself think out of the box when it comes to design. I motivate my clients out of their comfort zone by introducing unique fabrics, wallpaper and antique pieces yet still making it feel like “home.” In the beginning, ideas are thrown all over the place and in the end it comes to a beautiful connection and the space starts to feel beyond special.

Personal Taste: My personal style includes a multitude of patterns on patterns. I love to mix florals, plaids, abstracts and textures to create a timeless space. Overtime, I have incorporated more antique pieces and intuitive design.

A Compelling Beginning: I began going on jobs doing design work with my mom and that was intriguing to me to branch out on my own. I started to educate and familiarize myself with different brands, fabrics, furniture and wallcoverings. Through this, I was motivated and fully committed to interior design work.

Finding What Works: Life as a mother has taught me to be more confident in my style and choose things that I truly love and make our family happy. I look at my children and see how they put their clothes together and help to foster their creative process, which is so fun to see and incorporate into my own design work. I enjoy sourcing pieces that can stand the test of time and are functional for my children through the ages.