Creativity Meets Ability

Amy McCoy 

Castle Design 

Interior Designer

Years in Industry: 5

Portrait Photography: Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton 

Project Photography: Megan Lorenz


Pro Insight: Start with lighting! For example, changing out a builder-grade ceiling fan with a beaded chandelier brings a whole new vibe to the space both in the dimension it brings to the room visually and the feeling it evokes subconsciously.

The Importance of Process: I really enjoy helping people find their own style and creating a home that reflects their personality. I start with one thing, be it an object or color or feeling that the client loves, and I build the design around it. It’s one step at a time, and it’s an intuitive process.

Adapting Style: I think of my style as a fluid thing that is constantly evolving, but I am drawn to color, clean lines and contrast between materials. I do put my own lens on spaces I design; I think that’s human nature. I like there to be harmony and a relationship between pattern, texture and scale. My passion is to create spaces that evoke an experience.

Relationship with Nature: I grew up in a beach community in California. Growing up in that kind of environment, Mother Nature was a big part of my life. She’s the best designer. I take a lot of my cues from her.

Originality in STL: I help my clients create a space that is authentic to themselves, and sometimes it involves taking a risk and nudging my clients to try something they wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m dedicated to bringing my clients’ vision to life through creating polished spaces that are timeless, functional and sophisticated.