Infinity and Beyond

Infinity pools feature vanishing edges, making them eye-catching and sleek. As beautiful as they are, do local professionals think the style is here to stay?

Edited by Moe Godat

Pool design by Baker Pool Construction



When executed properly, a vanishing edge feature can, without question, create a dramatic focal point. For this reason, I think that there will always be a demand for infinity pools from homeowners. Of course, incorporating a vanishing edge detail as part of a pool design should be considered based on key criteria. Site topography, interesting vantage points beyond the pool and of course budget all need to be carefully thought out. Infinity pools are undoubtedly impressive, but not suited for every yard. Rob Warren, Baker Pool Construction.

The concept of an infinity pool has been around for centuries. Mother Nature has provided us with examples of natural vanishing edges such as waterfalls and the thermal springs in Pamukkale, Turkey. Fast forwarding to the 1960s in California, John Lautner was the one to explore the idea of a vanishing edge pool. He was the architect of the infinity pool in the classic 1971 James Bond film, “Diamonds are Forever.” With all of this history these pools would be considered a classic. They have taken something from nature that is so beautiful and breathtaking and recreated it into something that can be enjoyed right in your back yard. I do not see the love for infinity pools dying out anytime in the near future. Savannah Sells, Youtopia Designs.

Infinity pools are most definitely not a passing trend. They are here to stay and remain a very viable design option for some, but certainly not for all of our customers due to cost. We think an infinity pool is ideal for a setting that looks out on a grand vista—whether that’s a house on a hill that will have a pool overlooking the view below or a home with a grand panorama of a view. The infinity edge of the pool creates a seamless blend into the scenery beyond. It can truly be a stunning look. Infinity pools are a classic design staple that we’ll suggest when the setting, conditions and the overall desires of the customer are all in perfect alignment. John Jacobsen, Liquid Assets.

Infinity pools have a spectacular design and appeal. They are designed to look as if they go on forever as their edge merges seamlessly with the backdrop of an ocean, landscape, skyline or other body of water. Infinity pools carry a heavier price tag than a standard pool, but they have an allure that standard pools do not. Beautifully designed infinity pools are found both in residential projects and around the globe at luxury destinations. Infinity pools are unique; however, they are classic in their design and will continue to “go on forever.” Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.


I think anyone could envision themselves sitting on the edge of a dreamy infinity pool overlooking a breathtaking landscape at sunset. The infinity pool has become a staple of luxury for homes, resorts and high-end living. It's still an added amenity for most homes in the midwest, not quite making it to the classic side of the list yet but growing in popularity. While not yet a classic, it is an excellent design and may soon reach that category! Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio.