We've Got It Covered

From sun-bathers to shade-lovers, these grounds covers will help with erosion, drought and much much more. Here are our local landscapers’ favorites.

Edited by Moe Godat 


Irish Moss, aka Sagina Subulata. Information provided by Andria Graeler at Chesterfield Valley Nursery: Check out one of our newest plant selections! This up and coming groundcover gives you the natural look you've always wanted. Irish Moss is semi-evergreen so depending on how cold it gets, the color lasts year-round! Get the grass look without all the upkeep. In the summer, this moss sprouts delicate, small white flowers providing a refreshing, summer look for your landscape. This moss can be used in pots, between stepping stones, living walls, and more! The moss is perfectly capable for traffic areas; stepping on this soft groundcover will not harm the plant! Not only is this moss able to be used in a variety of ways, it is also deer resistant!

Water: Give it even moisture

Soil Requirements: Well-drained

Location + Light: Versatile, sun and shade

Thining tips: Thin out when the bed starts to become crowded

Vinca minor is a great groundcover for shady areas. It spreads easily and is easy to transplant. One of the best parts about this groundcover is that it’s evergreen and blooms in early spring with purple flowers. Jake Roeckle, Kirkwood Gardens.

Phlox Subulata (Creeping Phlox) is very hardy. It likes full sun and blooms mid-spring with many colors to chose from. It is also deer, drought and salt tolerant. David Sherwood, Sherwood’s Forest Nursery.

Packera obovata-golden groundsel, a Missouri native, makes an excellent ground cover for dry shade. Rounded, evergreen foliage hugs the ground all year. Bright yellow blooms appear in late spring. Groundsel is deer resistant and attracts butterflies and beneficial insects. Anne Deutch, Garden Heights Nursery.

A fantastic, low maintenance groundcover or lawn alternative, “NoMo” Lily Turf, Liriope, gives you all the luxury of a fine lawn without all the mowing, fertilizing and watering. Its fine-textured, emerald green grass-like leaves only grow 3-6" tall. It’s ideal for your toughest spots–slopes and hard to get to areas, anywhere you don’t want to drag the lawnmower, trimmer or hose. This gorgeous evergreen ground cover looks beautiful around shrubs, edging walkways and in between stepping stones. Its thick foliage smothers weeds, and it’s never bothered by diseases or pests. It thrives in sun or shade, and seldom needs watering once established. Resists deer and rabbits. Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.

Pachysandra termanalis, Japanese pachysandra is a lush evergreen groundcover that provides a glossy carpet through the landscape. Pairing this groundcover with a bristled conifer or natural stone in the landscape provides a stunning appearance. Pachysandra is also low browse for deer, which makes it an excellent selection for an area in the garden where deer may browse. Justin Verbryck, Frisella Nursery.