Embraced by the Outdoors

An open-concept home offers scenic views from both front and back.

By Miun Gleeson

Photography by Rebecca Wilson/Adjustable Focus Photography


Try finding a bad view when your home is located in between Lincoln Greens Golf Course in the front and Lake Springfield in the back. In addition to the prime location, the homeowner was drawn to the home’s modern contemporary feel and open floor plan. “It reminded me a lot of a California home,” he says. And he would know, having relocated from the West Coast before moving into the home in Springfield, Illinois. Trading the beach for a lake, his home showcases elevated modern design in the Midwest — and three times more space.

Recently renovated, the home had a brand new base and was also a blank slate.  Interior designer Dana Glover was brought in to leverage the open layout that also embraced the great outdoor views. “My concept was to create a sophisticated lake house that had to respond to the Midwest,” says Glover.

At over 4,000 square feet, the home’s spacious floor plan offered unique design opportunities. Glover sought to “create meaningful areas” that had interest and personality. She was mindful of establishing room perimeters that were distinctive but didn’t feel boxed in. Glover used strategic furniture placement to create a conversation area in the living room, which features a lounge arrangement of a relaxing womb chair, sectional and side tables that are unified in their shared mid-century design. A room divider screen located behind a sofa creates a boundary between the living room and kitchen. Made of cerused teak wood, the divider does its job of being a barrier without completely breaking the flow.

The infusion of color in the home reflects the function of each space. The master bedroom features slate gray walls to achieve a masculine and urban feel. While the muted tone fosters the intimate space of a private bedroom, Glover injects inviting tones into common areas such as the warm terra cotta color in the basement living space.

The dining room is the homeowner’s favorite space and most effectively features Glover’s intent to strike a unique design balance. “My goal was to create a design that was modern but comfortable, luxurious but casual,” she says. Grounded by a geometric wool area rug, the room is anchored by a narrow, walnut table that elongates the room. The multi-armed, antique brass chandelier captures the contemporary spirit of the space.

Glover knew it was important to provide some visual relief from the clean lines and squares that are standard in modern design. Her efforts to add geometric variety throughout the home are evident in the curvature of the round living room coffee tables, globes in the dining room chandelier and even the undulating wave design of a credenza.

Such elevated design touches give his home an urban and modern feel that almost makes you forget the scenic views outside. Almost.