St. Louis Design Hall of Fame: Bob Burmeister

Bob Burmeister

Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry


Bob Burmeister is the co-owner, cofounder and principal designer at Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry. His company works fluently with homeowners, architects, builders, contractors and interior designers in both new home building

and in updating existing spaces throughout the home. Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry is an award-winning kitchen and bath design firm that brings quality and confidence to every project.

Edited by Moe Godat

Portrait photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

Project photography by Anne Matheis and Alise O'Brien 


What is your design style/philosophy?  

Bob: I choose to listen to my clients’ desires and offer them assistance in making important and educated decisions on how to create their own comfortable lifestyle.


What questions do you ask your clients to help guide your design?  

Bob: Budget is always important. Educate your clients about the many product options and their costs so they can choose what’s best for them. In many cases, it’s not an issue of spending the dollars, but whether they see value in the dollars they are about to spend.  


What advice would you give to someone just starting a design career?  

Bob: In my mind everything starts with education, so take some design courses along with drafting and CAD classes. In this profession, you will excel if you can create a virtual living environment that has style and charisma, and you can show your clients how that style will be incorporated into their lives. 


How has the industry evolved since you started?  

Bob: I remember when a kitchen was just a place to prepare food. Now it’s the entertaining center of the home. Bathrooms used to be a place to get ready to go out for the evening, and now they’re a place to relax in a spa-like atmosphere. Wine cellars have become popular lighted displays in dining rooms and family rooms. The home has become a favorite place to entertain, and I enjoy helping people be comfortable in their homes.


Tell us a place in St. Louis that inspires you in your career.  

Bob: I enjoy dining out and seeing various eateries and how they combine color, texture and lighting.