Trailing Beauties

Check out local landscapers' favorite trailing varieties for window box planting.

By Melissa Mauzy


Spice up the front of the home or the side of a deck with a beautifully planted window box. Colorful and catching, window boxes can be filled with a variety of plants and flowers. Trailing plants make a statement by spilling over the sides. Check out local landscapers' favorite trailing varieties for window box planting.

one: “For a trailing plant that will look good all year round, its hard to top 'Redstone Falls' Fairy Bells. Its ruby-splashed, butterfly-like foliage is highlighted with wonderful, warm autumn tones. In fall its evergreen leaves transform to coppery orange, russet and cinnamon. Its evergreen leaves look good all winter, making the plant ideal for holiday planters. A hardy perennial that also makes a fantastic ground cover.” Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens

two: “Calibrachoa or trailing petunias come in every color you could want.  They look great spring to frost and provide an excellent "spill" effect, growing up to 4' long in a season.” Claire Weiss, Frisella Nursery.

three: “Creeping Rosemary is an excellent cascading choice for a sunny window box because it loves to be hot and dry! The deep green foliage adds unique texture that you can also use in the kitchen, while delicate blue to lavender-blue flowers will emerge in the summer.” Laura Caldie, Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop.

four: “The trailing annual Scaevola thrives in hot, humid weather. This makes it the perfect plant for spring and summer in St. Louis! We also love it because of its ever-present purple-blue blooms!” Andria Graeler, Chesterfield Valley Nursery.

five: “The lotus vine has feathery foliage and a bushy trailing habit that make it a great addition to container plantings. Its fine gray green leaves look almost iridescent in the sun, a wonderful enhancement to any flower combination. Though it prefers adequate moisture, it can tolerate drought and holds up well in Missouri humidity.” Jim Oldani, Timberwinds Nursery.

six: “Licorice plant’s trailing stems will cascade from your window boxes with ease without taking over. Its silvery foliage provides distinct color contrast when paired with vibrant annuals flowers.” Christine Knoernschild, Passiglia’s Nursery