Shaw's Vision: August 2018

Stay up-to-date in your landscape with planning tips and events from the Missouri Botanical Garden. 


All of August: Annuals may appear leggy and worn now. These can be cut back hard and fertilized to produce a new flush of bloom. Soak shrubs periodically during dry spells with enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 8-10 inches.

August 1 - 15: Madonna lilies, bleeding heart (Dicentra) and bloodroot (Sanguinaria) can be divided and replanted.

August 1 - 15: Sow seeds of beans, beets, spinach and turnips now for the fall garden. Spinach may germinate better if seeds are refrigerated for one week before planting.

August 15 - 31: Fall-bearing red raspberries are ripening now. Begin planting lettuce and radishes for fall now.

August 15 - 31: Hummingbirds are migrating through gardens now.

Flora Borealis through August 26

Summer Buggin' Nights at the Butterfly House: August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31