Design HOF 2018: Resito Pecson

St. Louis Design Hall of Fame 2018
Resito Pecson
twigs & MOSS

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Portrait Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton
Photography by David Lancaster


Resito Pecson opened twigs & MOSS in 2002 to share his love for retail and design. The store, a gift, home and floral shop specializing in dried, preserved and artificial arrangements, expanded to double the size in 2005. Resito has designed botanical installations and arrangements for restaurants, hotels and businesses throughout St. Louis. His favorite projects are designing for the residents of the community, especially during the holiday season where his twig spheres have become a holiday staple in St. Louis. Resito is involved in many local organizations including the Missouri Botanical Garden where he has designed an original wreath for the garden’s display for the past 15 years. In 2014 he published a “twig & Moss” photo book. His work has been featured in local and national publications and received many awards.

SLHL: What is your design style/philosophy?
Resito: Simple and timeless. I always try to create something that is both familiar and refreshingly uncommon at the same time.

SLHL: What does it take to deliver exceptional design?
Resito: Talent and management skills. Also, open communication between the client and myself is essential. A collaborative effort is ideal.

SLHL: What is the first step you take when designing a project of any size?
Resito: Insure clarity and understanding. I make sure that I can do the job and that the client understands the extent of what can be done.  

SLHL: How has the industry evolved since you started?
Resito: The Internet continues to drive the industry. With social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, visual references abound, making everyone a design expert. Online shopping is inevitable. You now have to be the expert in what you do, forcing a very narrow and specific offering. 

SLHL: Tell us a place in St. Louis that inspires you in your career?
Resito: My store. It allows me to express myself freely and that inspires me.

twigs & MOSS, 314-454-0447