Shaw's Vision: May 2018

Stay up-to-date in your landscape with planning tips and events from the Missouri Botanical Garden.


Pinch azaleas and rhododendron blossoms as they fade. Double flowered azaleas need no pinching.

May 1-6
Plant hardy water lilies in tubs or garden pools.

May 7-13
Begin planting warm-season annuals.

May 14-23
Plant summer bulbs such as caladiums, dahlias, cannas and elephant ears.

May 24-31
Set out peppers and eggplants after soils have warmed. Plant sweet potatoes now.

May 24-31
Take houseplants outdoors when nights will remain above 50 degrees. Most prefer only direct morning sun.

May 24-31
Sink houseplants up to their rims in soil or mulch to conserve moisture. Fertilize regularly.

May 6         Fancy Tea with Mommy and Me at The Butterfly House
May 11       Grapes in the Garden
May 12       Shaw Wildflower Market at Shaw Nature Reserve
May 13       Mother's Day Brunch
May 18       Fest-of-Ale
May 23       Whitake Music Festival begins (every Wenesday through July)