Shaw's Vision: March 2018

Stay up-to-date in your landscape with planning tips and events from the Missouri Botanical Garden.


March 1-4
Mow lawns low to remove old growth before new growth begins.

March 1-11
Loosen winter mulches from perennials cautiously. Re-cover plants at night if frost returns. Clean up beds by removing all weeds and dead foliage at this time.

Heavy pruning of trees should be complete before growth occurs. Trees should not be pruned while the new leaves are growing.

March 1-11
Delay planting if the garden soil is too wet. When a ball of soil crumbles easily after being squeezed together in your hand, it is dry enough to be safely worked.

March 11-25
Ornamental grasses should be cut to the ground just as the new growth begins in mid-to-late March.

March 11-25
Spring bedding plants, such as pansies and toadflax (Linaria sp.), may be planted outdoors in mid-to-late March.

March 11-25
Plant beets, carrots, parsley and parsnip seeds outdoors.

March 21-31
Gradually start to pull back mulch from rose bushes.

March 21-31
Start seeds of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants indoors.

March 1-31             Morpho Mardi Gras at the Butterfly House (closed Mondays)

March 1-25             Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden 

March 3-4               Science and Sustainability Open House at the Missouri Botanical Garden

March 8 and 22       Orchid Nights at the Missouri Botanical Garden