Shaw's Vision: October 2018

Stay up to date in your landscape with planning tips and events from the Missouri Botanical Garden.


All of October
Continue watering, especially evergreens if soils are dry.
Plant spring bulbs among hostas, ferns, daylilies or ground covers. As these plants grow in the spring they will hide the dying bulb foliage.
Gourds should be harvested when their shells become hard or when their color changes from green to brown.
Store apples in a cool basement in old plastic sacks that have been perforated for good air circulation.

October 1-15
For best bloom later this winter, Christmas cactus, potted azaleas and kalanchoe may be left outdoors until night temperatures drop to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Harvest winter squash and pumpkins before frost. For best storage quality, leave an inch or two of stem on each fruit.
Cannas and dahlias can be dug when frost nips their foliage. Allow the plants to dry under cover in an airy, frost-free place before storage.

October 16-31
Plant tulips now.

All October  Booterfly house at the Butterfly Garden
October 5-7  Best of Missouri Market
October 17 & 24  Wicked Wings and Wine
October 26  Spirits in the Garden
October 26 & 27  Bug Ball
October 28  Ghouls in the Garden